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Closed Orbital Welding Machine MWF-80

Product Name : Closed Orbital Welding Machine
Model: MWF-80
Welding Process : Autogenous welding
Welding Thickness: 3mm or less than 3mm
Shield Gas: Argon gas and water cooling
Welding head Weight: 3Kg
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Product Introduction
Enclosed Orbital Welding Machine MWF-80

1.Application: Food and medicine Industry; Refrigeration and biology Industry, fluid and pipeline installation, etc.;
2.Scope of application: welding of stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium alloy, etc.
3.This welding head work with MWA-200 Programmable Welding Power Supply;
4.Welding Type : butt weld and plug weld;
5.Warranty : 1 year 

Advantage of product

1.38mm thin welding head body;
2.Complete inner water cooling rise working duty cycle;
3.Welding head has multi gas shield ensure high welding quality;
4.special designing welding thickness upto3mm;
5.All core parts are imported, durable, reliable, safety and precision.

Enclosed Orbital Welding Machine MWF-80
Tube OD range φ19.05mm-φ76.2mm Cooling Water Cooling
Tube Thickness ≤3mm Dimension 155mmx 38mmx436mm
Tube material Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel/Alloy Welding Head Weight 4KG
Tungsten OD Φ1.6mm、Φ2.4mm Power Supply Model MWA-200
Shield Gas Argon Gas

Spear parts List
No. Name Specification Unit Qty Mark
1 Enclosed welding machine MWF-80 EA 1 stanard
2 Programmable Welding Power supply MWA-200 EA 1 stanard
3 Tungsten Electrode Ф2.4mm×150mm Pcs 1 stanard
4 Tube fixture Customized set 7 stanard
5 Tungsten needle extension Customized pcs 1 option
6 Tungsten Electrode Grinding machine Customized set 1 option
7 Tube Facing machine Customized set 1 option
8 Tube end cap Customized set 1 option
spare parts
Tube fixture
Tube fixture
Tube Facing machine
Tube Facing machine
Tungsten Electrode Grinding machine
Tungsten Electrode Grinding machine

Enclosed Orbital Welding Machine MWF-80


Customized service

Mwelding company focuses on the development and manufacture of pipe welding machine, and has established a long-term cooperative relationship with China Welding Technology Research Institute and some universities. It can provide special design and customization according to the requirements of users.

Quick Response

Mwelding set up a rapid reaction system. Our technicians will answer your questions anytime, anywhere. We guarantee to reply to your email within 24 hours

Operation guide

We will arrange our engineers to guide the users for operation training, and all our machines have an instruction manual.

Warranty and maintenance

All of our machines have a one-year warranty, we will provide timely maintenance services to reduce your operating costs.

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