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Which welding machine is suitable for u tube heat exchanger?

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扫一扫!Which welding machine is suitable for u tube heat exchanger?扫一扫!
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There are many classification methods for heat exchange equipment.1. There are five categories by use: heat exchanger, condenser, evaporator, heater and cooler; 2. There are metal and non-metal materials by material; 3. There are shell and tube heat exchanger and plate heat exchanger by structure. The connection ways of tube sheet and tube, U-bend and straight tube are expansion joint and welding. For high temperature and high pressure, expansion joint and welding are often used.


Mwelding technology produces U-tube welder and all position tube sheet welder for heat exchanger, which are automatic welding equipment for U-bend and straight tube, tube sheet and tube. The welding materials are stainless steel, carbon steel and titanium alloy. The tube sheet welding machine can weld the tube flush, extend the tube, add wire or self fusion welding; the U-tube welding machine of heat exchanger can weld the arrangement of the regular triangle, the regular triangle, the square and the square corner of the heat exchange tube on the tube sheet.

The welding machine for u tube heat exchanger and all position tube sheet welding machine produced by Shanghai MeiHan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. have the advantages of stable performance, high efficiency, wide range of application and low cost.  Mwelding technology provides customers with personalized customized services. According to the actual welding needs of customers, design and produce products suitable for customers to save time, energy and cost

The core competitiveness of Mwelding technology is technological innovation, which is the core power of sustainable development of enterprises. In addition to U-tube welding machine of heat exchanger, all position tube plate welding machine (tube plate welding machine of heat exchanger), there are various tube welding equipment such as tube to tube welding machine, and all kinds of supporting equipment, such as beveling machine, flat mouth machine, tungsten needle grinding machine and other accessories!


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