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MWG open orbital welding machine applied in boiler industry project

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扫一扫!MWG open orbital welding machine applied in boiler industry project扫一扫!
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Project Location: ZheJiang

Application Industry: Boiler Industry


MWG open orbital welding machine

Mainly used for welding of stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium alloy and other medium and thick wall pipes with wall thickness of 3~10 mm; Intelligent digital welding control system, with automatic arc length, yaw and welding speed feedback function, forming excellent, weld up to II flaw detection requirements.

Germany imported core components, multi-channel protection, and whole body water cooling. Products are precise, efficient, durable, cost-effective, one key operation, easy learning. The welding process is repeatable. Portable, flexible operation, support one-to-one system, and provide full process technical services

Products are widely used in energy, power, boiler, chemical industry, petroleum pipeline, pressure vessel, pipeline installation and other fields

Applicable pipe diameter:

MWG-90 applicable pipe diameter Φ19-89 mm

MWG-170 applicable pipe diameter Φ63-168 mm

MWG-325 applicable pipe diameter Φ159-325 mm

Welding type:

Straight pipe -- Straight pipe; Straight pipe – Chuck; Straight pipe -- Tee

Straight pipe – Elbow; Chuck – Tee, Big U-bend and etc.

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