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Congratulations on the successful passing of CE certification, ISO review and obtaining the certification

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扫一扫!Congratulations on the successful passing of CE certification, ISO review and obtaining the certification扫一扫!
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Congratulations on the successful passing of CE certification, ISO review and obtaining the certification

—— Manufacturing standards, product assurance, market recognition


Recently, Shanghai MeiHan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has passed the examination and obtained the certification after being inspected by the European Union and the ISO9001 quality management system. This review is a multi link work arrangement for the design, production and sales of the company. The passing of the Certification indicates that the company's products meet the requirements of EU certification in terms of safety and environmental protection. The company's comprehensive management ability meets the ISO9001 quality standard. The acquisition of the certificate has built a foundation for the company to open the international market, and also provided quality assurance for the product sales in the market.

Based on the field of pipe welding for decades, MeiHan technology has been serving thousands of customers with advanced technology, precision manufacturing, excellent service. Over the past decades, we have been focusing on the field of automatic pipe welding equipment, making continuous technological innovation, and creating the core competitiveness of leading technology. The company has a number of invention and utility model patents with independent property rights, and carries out modern management with "strict, efficient, standardized and orderly". It was successfully listed in Shanghai equity trading center in December 2018 with stock code of 3证书2

More and more enterprises see the incomparable advantages of automatic welding equipment in human cost control, production process management and welding operation, and gradually introduce automatic welding equipment in a large area. Among them, thin-walled clean pipe welding machine, stainless steel pipe welding machine, instrument pipe welding machine, etc; Thick wall pressure vessel welding, petrochemical pipeline welding, construction pipeline installation welding, pipeline tube sheet welding machine, etc; To meet the special needs of u-tube heat exchanger welding machine, automatic tube sheet welding machine, flange end hot wire surfacing, pipe end surfacing, 12 m super long pipe surfacing and so on, all follow the market customer demand.

Relying on its own technical strength and long-term experience in market, the technical support team of MeiHan creates value-added services such as one-to-one welding service, whole process welding operation guidance, quick response to after-sales service, and upgrading of welding system, regular maintenance of products, leasing of automation equipment, etc. From the customer's point of view, go deep into each part of the business process, do a good job as a professional supporter of welding technology services, and create new value for customer图片3

Because of focus achieve excellent! The company adheres to the business philosophy of "all customer-centered, customized, service integration, no outsourcing", adheres to the corporate culture philosophy of "beauty in the line, no welding trace, imperial examination, boundless technology", adheres to the corporate mission of "helping customers and employees succeed", and promotes the corporate values of "honesty, friendship, dedication and pragmatism", Strive to build a world-class high-end brand of pipe welding equipment, and continue to provide customers with high-quality welding equipment products, professional technical solutions and high value-added services. Make our own contribution to manufacturing industries in China!

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